WGIRLS makes an impact through partnerships and exclusive programming with nonprofit organizations that serve women and children in local communities. Through volunteering, fundraising and awareness, WGIRLS is able to create positive change in the lives of countless underserved women and children.


As a major focus of the organization, volunteering connects members to local communities and other nonprofits. To date, WGIRLS members have volunteered over 352,800 hours with 87 nonprofit organizations.


Since 2007, WGIRLS has raised over $3 million to help empower women and children. WGIRLS chapters organize fundraising events to engage young professionals, community members, and businesses to help excel the mission of local nonprofits.


Through our efforts, we have supported over 49,300 underserved women and children to become more confident members of society.

Project G.L.A.M

WGIRLS Inc. created Project Granting Lasting Amazing Memories (G.L.A.M) to provide economically disadvantaged young women with prom dresses and accompanying accessories so they are able to enjoy the rite of passage of high school prom. To date, WGIRLS has outfitted over 13,284 young women in need for prom. 

Nonprofit Partners

Since 2007, WGIRLS has partnered with 87 nonprofit organizations to support their mission through fundraising and volunteering. Click here to view our list of nonprofit partners.


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